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Ølkartet - Pubs in Oslo

(Note: We have not arrived in 2016 yet and unicode in project names is not supported, therefore the repository is called 'pubkartet')

This is a little side project based on my pub map.

The idea is to create an API for querying pubs in Oslo on certain classifications and (eventually) including a ranking per beer type. On top of this an interactive map should make these features easily accessible.

It should be possible to go to the map and have it find a pub crawl in Grünerløkka focusing on bars that have good bitters, for example.

Technical stuff

It uses servant for implementing a simple API to retrieve pubs from my pub database. This project comes with a server for this API and a simple Mapbox-based interface for displaying this map, with foreign functions to access the API generated by servant as well.

This project is used as a demo in my servant-talk.